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I'm a partner at reSimpli, a software company that develops software for REIs. Our application simplifies rehab contracts, material ordering, and does full service direct mail (print, pack ship) campaigns at a kickass price with no hidden fees. I invest in cash flow in the Midwest and I'm building a flipping team for SoCal.

I have a BBA from the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business and a Masters in Engineering Systems from Naval Postgraduate School. I love management and that's why I went to Ross - Go Blue! We're still #1

My day job is a program manager at the Department of Defense, specifically the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command. My passion is helping businesses and people save time and money through massive efficiency gains from the systematization of processes and superior management; this aids in scaling and growth as well.

I'm a follower of 'kaizen' which is Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency. That's why I enjoy my day job in addition to working with Sharad on our startup because the tool we're developing allows huge time savings with Docusign and SOWs being sent to contractors, user friendly and cost effective direct mail campaigns (full service print, pack, ship), etc.

I've worked as a management consultant specializing in financial and supply chain management implementations for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) before I became a program manager in the DoD.

Efficiency is my favorite word, and I love improving processes and eliminating muda (uselessness/waste)

I'm an ENTJ (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

Favorite Podcasts:
BP Podcast 155: From Zero to 200+ Deals in Five Years with Sharad Mehta
BP Podcast 197: Starting with $10k and Buying 52 Units in 3 Years with Chris Heeren
BP Podcast 108: Building a $350 Million Real Estate Empire Using the 10X Rule with Grant Cardone

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