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Philip Lanza

"Turnkey" hazards for newbies.

By Philip Lanza, 14 days ago with 1 comment

Some "Turnkey" companies cannot even promise that the management companies they work with are honest. Beware! My advice? Look deep before you leap! Read More

Jon Crosby
Leslie Pappas

Important Facts You Need to Know About the 1031 Exchange

By Leslie Pappas, 2 months ago with 0 comments

Is the idea of a 1031 Exchange confusing or intimidating you? Don't worry ​I'm going to explain how it's a very clear and simple process. Read More

Michael Ehmann

Lessons learned from my first house-hacking experience

By Michael Ehmann, 13 days ago with 1 comment

Lessons learned from my first 6 months in real estate, where I house-hacked my first property and am renting out 2 rooms in my condo. Read More

James Wise


By James Wise, almost 2 years ago with 15 comments

How to grow your business using Bigger Pockets & other social media. Read More

Sarah Smith

Real Estate Agent vs.Property Management

By Sarah Smith, about 2 years ago with 2 comments

​There are many exciting opportunities with potential for growth in both fields of real estate & property management. Read More

Jason Balin

Did you read the book 'Way of the Wolf'? Here are tips related to REI

By Jason Balin, 11 days ago with 0 comments

It doesn’t matter how much someone wants to buy or sell a house... If they don’t trust you they aren’t going to buy or sell it with/from you. Read More

David Thompson

Raising Capital - Top 5 Essentials

By David Thompson, 14 days ago with 1 comment

Top 5 tips on raising capital from an experienced capital raiser. Read More

Drake Espenlaub

$0 terrible credit to my first property in 6 months

By Drake Espenlaub, 7 months ago with 1 comment

Newbie investing repaired my credit in 6 months to buy my first deal using 401k loan and creative income generating techniques to obtain my 1st duplex Read More

Adam Sheren

Always start with why. And not just yours.

By Adam Sheren, 12 days ago with 0 comments

The answer to these three questions could be the difference between a good deal and a phenominal deal Read More

Bill Manassero

How to Find Off-Market Apartment Buildings

By Bill Manassero, 11 days ago with 0 comments

In today's highly competitive apartment building marketplace, finding and acquiring great off-market deals can yield remarkable results and profits! Read More

Rob Beardsley
Aaron Humerickhouse

My Why

By Aaron Humerickhouse, 2 months ago with 1 comment

This answers one of the most important questions, my 'why'? Read More

Charles Mortel

Why Should I Care About a Home Equity Line of Credit

By Charles Mortel, 12 days ago with 0 comments

Home Equity Line Of Credit vs. a credit card. Both allow you to make purchases, but which one packs a bigger punch. Read More

Grant Greene

Veterans, We Salute You!

By Grant Greene, 12 days ago with 0 comments

Veterans deserve SO MUCH - let's make sure they have the right information. Read More

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